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Name of the companyHeavenplant Computer Science & Technology (HCST)
Head OfficeUttora Community Centre (2nd floor) Trunk Road, Salauddin more, Beside of New Registry Office, Feni-3900, Bangladesh
Represented byEngr. Md. Nijam Uddin
B.Sc. Enginnering (Computer)
ACP, London, UK.
CommunicationE-mail :,
Mobile:   01827590464, 01878316378, 01828623356
Best IT Training or Computer Training Center in Feni Noakhali. Everybody knows in this moment any country defend on IT. Because in the world all of work IT base. So this is very important about IT and IT base Training. in this moment Feni Noakhali is the most popular district in Bangladesh. The people of this place are very much educated and they have good information Technology (IT) knowledge more than other in Bangladesh. This is a positive matter for Feni Noakhali's people. You know IT sector is most popular sector in Bangladesh and day by day we are increasing this sector. For this purpose Heavenplant Computer Science & Technology (HCST) will start IT Training, Computer Training, and Some Other Technical Training for Feni Noakhali's people. Because we believe that a proper Training can Change or develop a person's skill.
We want to say something about Heavenplant Computer Science & Technology. There are many IT Training or Computer Training and they provide Many IT Training Course for Feni Noakhali's peoples. Heavenplant Computer Science & Technology one of them. We want to provide some quality full Training for Feni Noakhali's people as per as possible.
Now we mention some of the most important point on behalf of the important of IT Training, Computer Training and Technical Training in Feni Noakhali.
VISIONThe vision of Heavenplant Computers is to be the number one choice for job-oriented training for our huge pool of manpower as per market demand.
The Chairman of Heavenplant computers is Mr. Md. Nijam Uddin, Chairman, Heavenplant (BD) International.
RESOURCE PERSONNELWe have a group of resource personnel from various well-reputed national and multinational organization, association, and educational institute; Private and Public university faculty etc. Some of our resource personnel's are B.Sc holder and International Award Winner.

1. Familiarization with analysis, sampling, evaluation of job tasks and control methods for work-related problems.

2. Hands-on-labs experience with up-to-date equipment those are available in the concerned offices.
3. Shared experiences with course participants and instructors from NGOs, public and private sector Company and industries, research institutes, university and polytechnics.
4. Follow-up question and answer sessions through an attendee and instructor joint session.
5. Imparting analytical and practical training to different professionals with a view to enhancing their professional efficiency and competence.
6. Holding seminars, symposium, workshops etc.
7. Establishment and development of mutual relationship and liaison with different training institutions in the country and abroad.
8. Rendering consultancy services to the government and private sector.
9. Producing an echelon of well prepared, disciplined, responsible and committed professionals with balanced development of body and mind through training.

10. Group Discussion and Group Presentation.

11. Share experience with the key personnel of related industries.

12. Industry Visit.

13. Prepare own CV and ready to work.

Why Do a professional Course?
01. The Job Oriented Training at Heavenplant computers will provide you with a greater understanding and awareness of the current issues facing development practice, as well as providing transferable skills to apply to your own professional situation.
02. Practical action plans or project outlines are developed by all participants to identify how their experiences on the Professional Development Programme can be created into a positive strategy to apply to their own individual circumstances.
03. Taking part in a Professional Development Program can enhance your career prospects, and be an effective team building experience for your organization.
04. When you study at Heavenplant computers, there is the opportunity to take part in other department activities such as the seminar series, which may focus on current research or be hosted by a guest speaker.
05. We cater for special groups from banks, companies, NGOs, government offices, and other organizations. We have a special group rate for minimum four or more.

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